Arjan Kuijper - bass   Floortje Jansen - vocals   George Newman - drums   Jeroen Tacx - guitar
White Lily band
Picture taken by Karin Klein-Wolt

White Lily has split up in november 2008. Beneath is the biography from the last line-up.

White Lily is from Amsterdam and exists since april 2001. After a few line-up changes the band now has the strongest line-up in her existence, recently completed with an experienced and creative singer.
White Lily doesn't want to be placed inside the standard rock idiom; our songs move somewhere between psychedelic/experimental rock, playful metal and filmish music.

White Lily pays much attention to structure and construction. Many riffs are used in the songs that are coloured in by various guitar sounds. New influences are being incorporated and tried out constantly, while a leading thread is always recognizable. The vocals add an extra spherical layer to the music and the solid creative rhythm section takes care of a powerful surprising sound.
AfterVoiceS Influences are bands like Tool, System of a Down, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, Placebo a.o.

At this moment the brand new studio demo AfterVoiceS is being worked on with 4 strong new compositions on which the new singer Floortje also can be heard.
The second last demo CD from White Lily, titled: 'White Lily Concepts' is a semi-official rehearsal demo and gives a good average of the repertoire that contains about 15 own compositions.

Lately we made ourselves pretty conspicuous by participating to the qualifying round of the Amsterdam Popprice 2004, Winston Popprice 2005 and 2006, AMP Battle of the Bands 2005, as well as doing various performances at Pakhuis Wilhelmina, de Cantine, Winston, Volta, AMP, Maloe Melo, Club Meander and The Cave in Amsterdam; Manifesto in Hoorn; Fishline and ZSV in Zaandam a.o.

Besides that White Lily occasionally works together with other musicians and other disciplines through music projects and the like.

For bookings please contact Jeroen Tacx.

White Lily